Building Regulations

The Building Regulations require that every new Domestic Development commenced after 01/07/15 must have Sound Tests carried out as part of their certification.

Dalton Acoustics Ltd offer; Building Regulations Sound Testing as per revised TGD Section E 2014

  1. Airborne Sound Tests to Walls (as per IS EN ISO 140 Part 4:1998)
  2. Airborne Sound Tests to Floors (as per IS EN ISO 140 Part 4:1998)
  3. Impact Sound Tests to Floors (as per IS EN ISO 140 Part 7:1998)
  4. Reverberation Time Tests / Measurement of communal spaces in New Developments
  5. All reports / results are expressed as per IS EN ISO 717 Parts 1 & 2 2013

These Sound Testing and Reporting methods for both Walls & Floors are as per the required standards of the revised Building Regulations 2014, TGD Part E (Section 2) and offer the required proof of compliance from 1st. July 2015 for certification.

We are a specialist Acoustic Consultancy with Professional Construction Technology Qualifications, who specialise in the quick arrival to site, sound testing and reporting of results, with a complete understanding of building works.

We explain the mysteries of acoustics in a manner the Client can understand!